Chevrolet Camaro Reverie

Chevrolet 2012 Competition – Fashion Category

Co-worker: Veronika Simon

1-Chevrolet-Competition-Fashion 2-Chevrolet-Competition-Fashion


Our clothes are inspired by the Camaro ZL1. We thought, that during travel one of the most important thing are the comfort and the non-crustable cloth.

Our dress consist two pieces. One of them is a skirt with high waistband. And below that we suggest a simple white singlet. The other one is a jacket with a huge hood, which was inspired by the camaro cabrio’s drop-head. The waist-band is V-shaped, which is similar the grill of the Camaro.

The material of the skirt is light-grey cotton with black stretch edge. The jacket and the waistband are made of black elastic cotton. The sleeves of the jacket are made of black stretch edge.