Shortly about the project:

The concept was to create an exclusive, high-level salon because it provides qualitative services with premium product. The new salon came into being from the old parlour and from a hair dresser’s. After entering the salon is the reception, to the left the big waiting hall. Ági (the owner) wanted to separate the two traditional cosmetic cabins from the make-up tattoo cabin. This way they can open together the cabins for so-called ‘mother-daughter’ curing. The make-up tattoo cabin is bigger, because in it there is a little photo-studio aswell. Between the cabins are the kitchenette and services. In the cabins are unique furnishing. We create them specially for the cosmetic-mashines and equipment.

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The salon:

Ági beauty-parlour and permanent make-up tattoo’ salon is in Balatonfüred, Hungary

Balatonfüred, Köztársaság út 16.