STB Street Food & Bar

Interior Design of STB Street Food & Bar, Pécs (Alkotmány str.94. Hungary 7624)

The Bar is located in the Brewery of Pécs. The style of the interior originated in it. We tried to save every valuable detail of the old building and complement with new, unique furnishing and materials.

Designers: Petra Farkas Consultant: Gábor Veres DLA

Photos: Dóra Lilla Szatlóczki, Petra Farkas


stb-pécs1 stb-pécs2 stb-pécs3 stb-pécs4 stb-pécs5 stb-pécs6 stb-pécs7 stb-pécs8 stb-pécs9 stb-pécs11 stb-pécs12

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